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Consulting & training

Virtual extension of your in-house capabilities

Linde engineer is presenting a model of an air separation plant.

Composing of the CAD model

Maximise your assets

Coaching, consulting and training are a great way to maximise your talent and take asset performance to the next level. Acting like a virtual extension of your internal skills and capabilities, our LINDE PLANTSERV™ training and consulting team brings you the benefit of first-hand experience. We add immeasurable value through the insights we have gained building and commissioning over 4,000 plants and operating over 1,000 plants worldwide. You can rely on us for:

  • High-level assessments of your plant’s technical condition
  • Operational efficiency analyses
  • Assessment of your staff’s training gaps
  • Development and delivery of tailored training programmes

Operational training in focus

Training opportunities and formats have evolved dramatically in recent years. Training simulators and virtual reality technology are now paving the way for entirely new learning experiences while also accelerating learning curves. We have the know-how and experience to design a training concept that fits the needs and profile of your staff. 

Typical training scenarios include: 

  • Plant operation training (e.g. start-ups and shutdowns) – both classroom-based and virtual using our Operator Training Simulator (OTS)
  • OTS designed for air separation and hydrogen plants
  • Using virtual reality technology for selected trainings allows that trainers and users can come together at any time and from any place
Portrait of Muhammad Muhammadieh, Managing Director of Linde Engineering Saudi Arabia. Image taken for the Linde Annual Report 2017.
MIG/MAG welder at work. Training situation.

M&R training in focus

Our expert team can also develop maintenance and repair (M&R) training modules that match the precise learning needs of your staff. Typical training scenarios include:

  • Control & electrical systems training
  • Heat exchanger functionality and maintenance training
  • Safety, directive, standard and guideline compliance training
  • Spare parts management training

Smart way to build skills

With LINDE PLANTSERV™, you can look forward to:

  • Direct access to our in-depth, real-world experience in plant design and operations
  • Professional consulting and training services from a trusted partner
  • Access to the latest digital technologies like virtual reality and simulators
  • Free choice of location – at your site, at our offices or in a virtual classroom
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers
Hydrogen and CO2 PSA Unit, air separation unit (ASU) in Leuna, Germany. The labels were retouched according to the current corporate design.

Develop your talent – maximise your assets